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Month: June 2018

Mummy’ing Aint Easy but Daddy’ing is Fun

It was pouring whole evening yesterday. My husband who works at a distance of fifteen minutes from our residence, reached home two hours late from his usual time. I completed all my chores on time,cooked,cleaned,cooked for baby,tidied up the messy house, folded laundry,fed baby and […]

Cracking The easy toddler recipe Code

As a first time mother I celebrated each & every milestone my baby was achieving, we celebrated the day when he took his first bite of solid food. I was the happiest on earth,finally my baby ready to explore the hundred’s of flavors that existed […]

An all girls trip is not always about fun….

We are bunch of four besties who have sticked to each other since the day we met,almost 12 years that we are together. We met when we were teenagers and then as years passed our friendship blossomed into more meaningful one. Together since undergrad days, […]