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A very Happy Valentine’s to all my companions

I love this time of the year when each and everyone is discussing about love and their relationship. I am lucky to have all loving people around me who love me when I am at my worst too. My Parents, Husband, Siblings, friends, our furry family member Cherry and now my valentine forever “my baby” I love all these people and they are aware of my feelings.

Today, I am going little materialistic. I am going to thank and express my love for all those things that came into my life post Motherhood and are my best companions so far and are going to be in the coming years.

I was taught in school,non-living things does not have any feelings but since Motherhood happened they are my best friends and when Chuck Noland can talk to Wilson, the football then why I can’t?

I could never ever be thankful enough to someone who discovered baby wet wipes. One of my best friend and I love her(Baby wipes has to be a female, looking at its understanding nature)dearly. Stays with me, sits next to me, I can go running to search for her whenever I am about to experience any awful situation. My best travel partner, which doubles up as my hand wash, duster, cleaner and what not.

Diapers, what could I have done without you. Just like wipes, you came into my life as a blessing. I love you so much for sparing me those few minutes of peace. I would have been someone like Edward’s scissor hands without you. You have saved me from many storms(poop storms) and stood like a shield between me & that mess.

My Diaper bag,you have taken the responsibility of carrying my little World inside you. You feasibly carry each & everything that I throw onto you without even complaining. There is never a single thing that I want and you did not provide me with, whenever I am taking my baby out irrespective of the place, be it mall or doctor visit. You have great efficiency to hide stuff which only are found when we are travelling with baby. I want to thank you with millions of kisses for your selfless behavior.

It would have been simply impossible for me to think my mothering life without you in existence,my nursing cover. It is just because of you I have been successful in feeding my baby anywhere and everywhere. Me as a Mother never thought twice to feed my baby’s hungry tummy with you as my companion.

My baby carrier, I wasted initial days of my mothering life for not giving you a chance but since the day our journey started, I love our closeness and our dependency. You never failed to amaze me with new tricks and tips to calm my baby down. You have empowered a stay at home mom into an army now who can shop, cook, clean, dance,walk along with baby. Tons and tons of love to you

Carrying that tiny human around used to be scary for me,but the Stroller came as a super hero in my life and stayed in my friendly neighborhood. My relation with you has been such, that went on evolving with time. From just exchanging glimpse to thick friendship which is now, I cannot thank my days without you in it.

This is the small brigade that I dearly love and Valentine’s day(week) is the best time f the year to let them know my feelings and how helpless I would be without this all in the picture.

Let me know which all materialistic stuff you want to convey your love too this Valentine’s and I am so excited to know your answers.

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We 28 Mom bloggers are sharing our views on love, relationships in the month of love. This is a month long blog train. I want to thank Deepali(My Teeny Tots) for introducing me & now let the train pass from my station to make it another stop at the lovely Mom Ankita who blogs at Caring Momma Diaries.

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  • Hahaha.. interesting post. I would too like to thank the wet wipes, diaper and multiple times thanks to our beloved baby carriers. They are really a blessing

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