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A Day in a Life of a Mumbaikar…


Unfortunately,whatever you have heard of Mumbai is true. There is space crunch, people don’t have time to spend with their families,more than 50% of the population is working class,the roads are dirty, local trains are over-crowded,too much traffic and humongous pollution but there is something about this city that it draws people towards it.

“Mumbai is infectious, once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don’t think you can live anywhere else.” – Yash Chopra

I am bred,born and bought up in Mumbai and never realized the importance of the city in which I have lived forever until when I moved to a another just 150 km away, I have been to many other cities in India but I noticed the striking difference in people’s attitude of looking at life, their preferences, work culture etc only when I started comparing between this two cities. If I start talking about Mumbai I feel the whole A to Z blogging challenge will not be enough to write about it. I love everything about Mumbai but the most loved thing of Mumbai is its “Lifeline” -Local Trains. Rich,poor,middle class or lower class, I am yet to meet someone who says he/she does not like Mumbai local. Yes, there are always repercussions of things widely known or accepted but the feeling is altogether different of travelling in such a transport that makes you reach your destination on or before time.

I have been travelling in local trains since forever I remember. As kids we used to get excited for local train travel more than road travel.Yeah! Cars are so boring. Right from shopping to entertainment,local trains looks after each and every requirement of ours. The colorful stuff that the vendors sell in local trains is not only cheap but also lasts for a long time(try buying when you travel next time & thank me later). Complete “Paisa Vasool” in Mumbai Terms. A local train travelers schedule depends on which local he/she is going to take next day. There is an altogether different life inside the local trains. There are working women who are taking the same train for more than 20 years, they always have some tales to tell from past and their stories always have to start from “when we were of your age…..”

Others have groups like school friends. college friends, office friends. For us Mumbaikars, there is one more group-Train friends. Not just train friends- 8.12 am train friends, 9.14 am train friends and so on. All kinds of celebrations are undertaken here, we celebrate birthdays, festivals, bachelorrates and much more. Hey, we do console in case of demises,after all that is what(local train) friends are for. If there is any sort of delays in train timings, the news spreads like fire in the jungle. I have many times overslept after reading messages in train friends groups and missed office only to realize later on,that the problem was solved within no time. If you ask question to one stranger in local train about the next stop, there will be ten faces coming forward and helping you out.Don’t be shocked when you hear all kind of conversations from arguments to fights to all coo-chi-coo one’s, looking at situation of people around you, makes you forget your own problems for sometime. If you are someone like me who is unaware of the grocery rates, just one word and you will be updated with the list with old and new prices.

A place where offering your hard-earned seat to an old person or pregnant lady is considered as duty, a place-when two people are fighting then third has to intervene and say “Let it be, its just a matter of few minutes & still you want to fight”, a place where friendship is not done looking at certain person’s age. I am still friends with those aunties (have shared each & everything with them) who are now retired from their work. A place where your train friends help you sort vegetables for dinner, a place where your train friends know the wilder side of your than your partner or parents,which ever part of the world I am in, my local train travel experience can never replaced with anything more precious than this.

Next station Thane,Agla Station Thane, Pudhcha station Thane


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  1. I agree life in Mumbai is quite different from the rest of India, there is a magic when you land and live in this land of opportunity and that extra energy that suddenly emerges from nowhere. It is something ingrained in the atmosphere of this place and people who reside there.

    There can’t be a better place to learn how to live life and how challenges in life can be overcome and how to grab that little window of opportunity when it comes our way. If you have not traveled and seen the world in local train, then definitely you missing something in your life. One’s perspective changes the moment one takes the local train and our direction and momentum in life undergoes a sea change.


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