An all girls trip is not always about fun….

We are bunch of four besties who have sticked to each other since the day we met,almost 12 years that we are together. We met when we were teenagers and then as years passed our friendship blossomed into more meaningful one. Together since undergrad days, we hardly got time to spent with each other since we got busy with our respective lives. Two of us took up higher education while the other two started with work. After few days the news of two among us getting married bursted . All four of us had mixed bag feelings & to rekindle those old fun filled college days we decided to opt out for a night out to the outskirts of our city where we can have fun and make some memories.

The location was finalized,”Matheran” the closest one-day picnic spot for all Mumbaikars. If you don’t know then this hill station Matheran is an Unesco World heritage site, where vehicles are not allowed inside the hill station. Matheran is the sole hill station in India where vehicles are not permitted; the mode of transport is either on horseback, hand-pulled rickshaw or a narrow gauge train.The roads are not metalled, naturally made path of red sand mainly for easy access to horses as it is the main means of transport at that place.Excitedly all bookings were done online,to stay away from the last minute hassle & we had zero knowledge about the location to & from the hotel.

And finally the day arrived, we anchored our journey to Matheran at the set time & reached well on time. After making the necessary check-in procedures, we dumped our luggage in our rooms and went on for some sightseeing riding on the horses. We visited few interesting points before the stableman decided to call it a day as it was getting darker and horses were supposed to reach their stables on time. So instead of taking a drop at the hotel, we decided to stay back at the main market where which becomes very vibrant in the evening. After some shopping & dinner, it was almost 8.30pm where the place tuned little less noisy. Very few tourists and zero locals. After enquiring about our way to the hotel, we were informed that it’s almost 2.5kms from that point. Being city girls, we were sure we will reach the hotel easily only when we started walking away from the main street then we realized how wrong we were,it was pitch dark & the sound of crickets and other insects was making it more spooky.

Cursing each other for opting to dine out, we slowly started taking steps towards the direction of our hotel. Few steps more and there were no light at all. All we could see were only bushy,dense trees and a small path that was the only and nearest way to that bloody hotel and we had to take this path as we didn’t knew the other way & no human being in site to guide us either way.I still remember, we locked our hands in such tight grips that even Thor would not have been able to break it with hammer. Taking small steps, we entered the more darker place where we could not even see each others faces. The path was very long and scary, we had only 2 choices turn back & sped that chilly night in the main market or go to that cozy inviting safe hotel room. We “DARED” ourselves and hence kept on moving forward. Few steps more and we could hear some noises from the bushes, the crackling sound of dried leaves. Little more further there were howls that could be heard clearly Gulping down fear,hands locked we kept on walking murmuring all the God names that we could memorize at that time. After few steps I heard someone calling us from a long distance,and that voice became sharper after few seconds, that was too much of blood curling that we had taken halfway and decided to give it back. Two of us shouted at the top of our voices to leave us alone(God knows to whom we were shouting at) and the other two picked stones whatever they could find in that darkness. And we ran as fast as we can towards the gate of the hotel, where an old gate keeper welcomed us. We handed those stones to him and went straight to our room.

Once in the hotel room, we bursted into laughter while catching up on the whole incident. I asked all three of my girls, what they were fearing. One said thieves, other was scared of animals, 3rd friend was fearing the reptiles or anything from the trees that would have fallen on our heads, I was scared of ghosts & spirits. All four of us were fighting different fears but just because we dared we could reach our destination.The next day was little less adventurous as we reached home on time before the night set in. One life saving lesson this trip taught us, however scary the path is,you need to keep walking to reach your destination. Today we four are in different parts of the World but still get same way excited when we go back to this chilling,fun,adventurous & DARING memories.

This is the picture that I clicked next day morning…
And the four brave girls….
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