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Mummy’ing Aint Easy but Daddy’ing is Fun

It was pouring whole evening yesterday. My husband who works at a distance of fifteen minutes from our residence, reached home two hours late from his usual time. I completed all my chores on time,cooked,cleaned,cooked for baby,tidied up the messy house, folded laundry,fed baby and was waiting for husband to arrive so that we can… Continue reading Mummy’ing Aint Easy but Daddy’ing is Fun

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Cracking The easy toddler recipe Code

As a first time mother I celebrated each & every milestone my baby was achieving, we celebrated the day when he took his first bite of solid food. I was the happiest on earth,finally my baby ready to explore the hundred's of flavors that existed in this World.Only to fall flat on my face, my… Continue reading Cracking The easy toddler recipe Code

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A very Happy Valentine’s to all my companions

I love this time of the year when each and everyone is discussing about love and their relationship. I am lucky to have all loving people around me who love me when I am at my worst too. My Parents, Husband, Siblings, friends, our furry family member Cherry and now my valentine forever "my baby"… Continue reading A very Happy Valentine’s to all my companions

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For that Special Man in your life….

So, we are in the month of LOVE, the celebration of the most awaited day of the year "Valentine's day". There are many amongst us who wait eagerly for this day to confess feelings. Last night while watching one of the Hindi movie in which,the queen asks for gifts from the king on certain occasion.… Continue reading For that Special Man in your life….

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I choose Middle Ground Parenting

Modern parents are in real trouble for sure. We are raising our kids in a very dangerous World. What you see and hear around is child trafficking, child molesters, kidnappers, school shootings, school killings, bullies, rapes and many more gruesome crimes of which many we are not even aware. As a result we are becoming… Continue reading I choose Middle Ground Parenting

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My Idea of Freedom

The feeling of patroitism arises only around Independence day or Republic day for many people in our country. Only around this two days we see discussions happening around freedom,sudden spurt for the love of our Tri-color and stories around freedom struggle. Many times this question also arised in my mind,why we think of freedom only… Continue reading My Idea of Freedom


“My Mom was Right”

Last night while surfing net I came across a video,where a 97 year old Mother was brought to meet sick & ailing 76 year old daughter. It was easy to perceive that the reunion happened after a long time. Both the Mothers who are Grand Mother & Great grand Mother now, shared the same warmth,… Continue reading “My Mom was Right”


Christmas for Kids in 90’s

When you are someone who is born in the 90's, there are so many things to get nostalgic about. Ours is the last generation before the technology shift took place. Like we as kids have seen best of both the World's. We have lived in a place where everything worked in very traditional way and… Continue reading Christmas for Kids in 90’s

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The Ultimate Tea Obsession…

< Hosted By : #MyLittleMuffin #TheMomSagas #Mummasaurus I would like to thank Pooja Kapoor Srinivasan from <Blog> for introducing me. I would also recommend you to check out my fellow blogger, and friend Surbhi Mahobia's <Blog> and read about her "tea-memory" The Ultimate Tea Obsession..... The commonest thing that is seen on any Indian roads… Continue reading The Ultimate Tea Obsession…