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Cloth Diapering is Not Rocket Science

Cloth diapering is not rocket science at all. In the beginning, one needs to understand what exactly cloth diapering is,types of cloth diapers,how to get started,washing,storing etc.Depending on the type of cloth diaper, you are going to choose and use,cloth diapering becomes as easy as using disposable diapers and most important it does not harm our environment which is like cherry on the cake.

As each and every baby is different so is the case with cloth diapers. Each brand is unique. If you don’t do little research on the type of cloth diaper brands available in the market,it is going to result in lot of trail and error. To make your job easier, today I am going to discuss about one of the best cloth diaper brands available in India i.e Bumpadum. Please click here to get transported to their website

The face behind this brand is a Mum herself,so she has taken utmost care while designing various types of cloth diapers under her umbrella brand Bumpadum. A Yale Alumnus has put her MBA skills thoroughly in making the diaper which are 100% made in India. The various types of cloth diapers that Bumpadum has are:

Fitted Diapers are incredibly versatile and are built for babies with sensitive skin. The shells are water resistant instead of waterproof, hence are a more breathable option for babies with sensitive skin.The absorbent insert is attachable to the shell through snaps.

You can pair the shell with any of inserts – daytime/nighttime/organic cotton/flats/pre-folds or with ANY insert/flat you own. Bumpadum allows you to buy the shell alone without any inserts.

Pocket diapers are same as fitted diapers but come with a pocket to stuff the absorbent inside it. At the moment Bumpadum pocket diapers are not in production

All-in-One(AIO) cloth diapers are so far the simplest to understand and to use type of cloth diaper. They are similar to pocket diapers but the soaker or the absorbent is permanently attached to it. There is no need to add anything to AIO diapers. AIO’s in Bumpadum are of two types:

  • Aviva Organic cotton (Please clink here to get transported to the brand’s website & check in details about aviva organic cotton diapers)
  • Duet stay dry (Click here to read & understand more about duet stay dry diapers)

Both are same just like AIO’s but the difference is you can choose from any of the inserts depending on the usage – daytime, night time, organic cotton inserts or pre-folds which are available on their website.

We discussed inner layers of a Bumpadum cloth diaper here, the our layer is made up of water-proof material PUL (polyurethane laminate) which prevents in leaking and holding all the mess inside.

All the types of diapers come in one size, which fits to babies from 5-15 kg. Neo diapers in Bumpadum come in new-born size which fits to babies from 3-7kg. But I will recommend to all new parents to wait till your baby completes 3 months of age so that all type of cloth diapers they purchase will be useful till baby turns 3.

How to get started with Bumpadum diapers?

Washing or prepping cloth diapers is very important part of cloth diapering journey which should not be missed. The moment you get your hand on this new cloth diaper wash it in warm water at least 3-4 times before putting it to use. When you do 1st wash,make sure you are letting it dry completely before 2nd wash and so on.

The inserts/soakers(organic cotton or micro fleece) are made up of natural fibers which have natural oils in them, that would prevent them from absorbing sufficiently. So, the process of prepping cloth diapers means you get rid of those oils that prevent sufficient absorption.Washing without detergents helps in removing all the natural oils that are present in the absorbents

The diapers are made in the factory, so looking after the hygiene part its always better to wash or clean anything that is going to be on your baby’s body especially private parts.

Always use cloth diaper friendly,fragrance free, mild detergent to wash cloth diapers after first 2-3 washes. You can wash them normally in warm or regular water with a regular cycle in machine. If washing the diapers with your hands make sure you don’t brush the inner layers. To remove the stains just agitate against each other in your hands.

Poop smeared diapers are very easy to clean. Use jet spray to take off all the dirt, agitate the diapers against each other to get rid off any poop particles if left behind and repeat the above procedure of washing.

Hard water spoils the quality of cloth diapers. If there is hard water supply in the locality where you reside, use water softeners to soak the diapers and follow normal wash routine.

Give bleach wash to all the diapers at least once in two months. Bleach helps in extracting all the residues that are build over the period of time,sometimes due to detergent or some other reason. Bleaching once in a while helps in maintaining the quality of the soakers too.

Now the obvious question will arise,how can I know that the diapers are fully prepped? The honest truth is there is no way to be sure that your diapers are completely prepped. However washing them several times to remove the oils and soften up the fabric will definitely increase their ability to soak. So preparing new cloth diapers made of natural fiber like hemp,cotton & fleece can definitely take a lot of washes to reach its full absorbency.

To get more enlightened about the cloth diaper laundry,please click here

Getting that perfect fit:

One Size diapers fit babies at different sizes by having an adjustment, usually on the rise (rise=the front of the diaper), that makes the diaper shorter or taller. This is done in combination with the waist that closes tighter or looser around the baby with snaps or velcro.

Picture is for representation purpose only

My son has been an average build since birth.I started using cloth diapers at 4 months since then we get that perfect fit at the mid-rise setting(see baby pic 2 in above picture). We are using same fit till now at 17 months.

Over a year’s journey with Bumpadum & experimenting with various brands, I have come to a conclusion that no brand provides the same snug fit as this one does. I have communicated with many cloth diapering Mom’s and most of us share same views about its fit. I think this is the most admired brand in the Indian market when it comes to getting that perfect snug fit. At the beginning of my journey with Bumpadum, I was facing leak issues. After much experimentation I understood that the type of fit I was using was wrong. Since I understood the perfect fit, its no looking back since then with Bumpadum

While making the perfect fit make sure that there is no gap near thighs. Double check by inserting one one single finger inside thighs, if your finger slides easily then its a perfect fit. Do same while checking the fit from back-side. Check below picture for understanding it better.

picture is for representation purpose only


I am using all the types of diaper that Bumpadum has, Aviva Organic cotton AIO,pocket diaper, Duet stay dry AIO and 2.0 AIO. Fully prepped pocket diaper lasts us for about 2 hours maximum and leaking starts only after this time. My kid is heavy wetter. A pocket diaper with single insert which lasted us for 2 hours is a substantial enough for any pocket diaper to last that longer.

While travelling I always try and stick to AIO’s. And Bumpadum’s stay dry duet which has high quality 8 layers of micro fleece,hemp fleece and cotton terry insert just works wonders for us. The powerful soaker has helped me many times especially while travelling. Fully prepped stay dry duet has lasted for 5 hours(don’t forget a heavy wetter baby) which is incredible for any diaper with single soaker to perform at that many hours. I am sure if I use an extra soaker, the same dipe will last us longer.

I think this is too much cloth diaper related information in one post. I will discuss about stripping,storing,the kind of stash you should create and other hacks for having a smooth cloth diapering journey in another post.

Till then let me know in the comments if I missed any point, if you are a cloth diapering Mom.

And if you are planning to start cloth diapers for your baby,I have covered many points that will helpful for you for smooth start.

Till then happy Bumpadum diapering. Please checkout Bumpadum’s website(Link mentioned above) for more information regarding the collections, super cute prints and other cloth-diapering related accessories.

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  2. I always prefer cloth diapers over disposable ones,they are perfect for my kid.. Your post will definitely help new mom how to use cloth diaper and how to get perfect fit.

  3. True its not a rocketscience at all. I prefer superbottoms,ananbaby and thirsties compared to the rest. Bumpamdum is an indian make. I didn’t get an opportunity to try them. Thanks for writing this

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