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Cracking The easy toddler recipe Code

As a first time mother I celebrated each & every milestone my baby was achieving, we celebrated the day when he took his first bite of solid food. I was the happiest on earth,finally my baby ready to explore the hundred’s of flavors that existed in this World.Only to fall flat on my face, my kid did not liked the taction of solids touching his tongue. I kept on trying new texture and flavor everyday only to come to a conclusion that my kid only swallows food presented to him in pureed form.

After doing lot of basic research on internet I learned that lot of babies are slow to take to solids. It’s common for some babies to take several months once solids have been introduced before they really take them well. Babies who are slow to teethe and babies who have food sensitivities are often the ones who are slower to begin eating solids. This “slowness” may be their bodies’ way of protecting them until the digestive system is more ready to accept new foods.Rest assured that as long as my baby was continuing to gain weight and grow as he should, my milk was meeting his needs well. Breast-milk should be baby’s main source of nutrition throughout the first year.

After completing a year,my kid was not ready to eat solid food in solid form. Till then I had mastered the art of making purees. After exclusively breast-feeding for six months & feeding him purees best suitable for babies up to one year of age,I wanted to wean him taking small steps at a time. I have also abstained from putting any artificial flavor to his purees like salt or sweet.But now again I was ready to put his tongue on some expedition to make him eat food in solid form,this time it worked but not 100% success. So I am sharing one golden recipe that help me put away the mom guilt and helped my kid gain proper nutrition and nourishment. The dish is very simple & easy to make & require mostly all the ingredients that are available in our Indian pantry’s throughout the year

Recipe 1: Wheat Porridge/Gehu Raab

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Jaggery, milk, dry fruit powder, cardamom powder, Clarified butter -Ghee(optional)

Procedure: If you are using ghee, put small amount in a wok, let it melt. Add wheat flour to the melted ghee and roast the flour till it turns golden brown. Keep the flame medium,if you roast on a fast flame it might burn the flour in no time. Keep on stirring the flour to get the even golden color. Once done,put off the flame. Add water slowly & steadily till the flour comes to liquid consistency, use a whisk to mix so that there is no lumps formed while adding water to the roasted flour. After adding water,put the wok back on flame, add milk-half the amount of water, jaggery as required(depending on how baby likes-sweet,very sweet,less sweet), cardamom powder and dry fruit powder.

Let it boil for some time till it becomes thick. Its done & ready to be fed to baby. The most easiest of recipes that you will ever find on internet.

Now there are variations that can be done to this dish. I have been also using organic multi-grain flour to make the porridge from sometime.The whole procedure remains same just the wheat flour changes to multi-grain flour. It tastes almost similar to wheat porridge but healthier than the first version. The multi-grain flour can be made at home too.Just take very small quantities of grains that you want to include(do double check first if kid in not allergic to any kind of grain)wash them thoroughly, dry the grains(sun-dry is the best),roast them in a wok, grind into a fine powder and store it in air-tight container.I believe making smaller batches of the flour, feed fresh food as much as you can to kids.

Another variation is to make laddu’s out of same ingredients.

Recipe: Roast wheat flour in a wok, melt jaggery in another wok. Kneed a dough using jaggery syrup and roasted wheat flour. Add cardamom powder,dry fruit powder. Take small amount of dough and shape up the laddu. The power pack easy on the go food is ready. The laddu works best while travelling.

Why wheat flour:Wheat flour is a vehicle for vitamins and minerals and an important source of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid, antioxidants and phyto-chemicals.Wheat also has include ability to control obesity, boost energy,type 2 diabetes,improve metabolism, and prevent asthma and gallstones. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer, protects against heart diseases, and boosts digestion.

Why Jaggery: Prevents anaemia,helps in maintaining normal body temperature, helps preventing many respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, etc,helps in boosting immunity against infections,help fight symptoms of a cold and cough.

Why Cardamom Powder: Adds flavor to the porridge.Cardamom plays a role in fighting asthma symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. The spice makes breathing easier by enhancing blood circulation within the lungs. It also fights related inflammation by soothing the mucus membranes.

Why Dry fruit powder: Gives Energy, Provides Relief from Constipation, Contain Probiotics, Good for Bone and Eye Health.Dry fruits contain essential nutrients helping in babies and toddlers brain development.

All the ingredients used in the porridge are immunity boosters & super nutritious and the porridge can be fed throught the year.My kid never says no to this dish being the most fussiest of eater I have seen in my entire life. Try it and let me know,how did it go with your kid & also spread the love.

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  1. Yo mommy! This is my baby’s favourite one too. Though i havent tried it with dry fruit powder. Will do now.

  2. Simple, yet delicious and nutritious recipe. I make this for my little one usually but adding in the flavours will definitely make is delicious.

  3. Yes i tried it and in punjab we call it sheera…if milk is not in tge recipe, then it is called halwa…different culture, different style of cooking the same ingredients…it is known as incredible india?

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