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Dengue, Malaria: Must Know Side Effects and Risks

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease which can affect humans and animals as well. It is caused by micro-organisms that belong to the plasmodium group. It is mostly found in tropic regions where such parasites live. It is a life-threatening disease and once the infected mosquito bites you, the parasites are released into the bloodstream. Once it infects the bloodstream, the infection then moves to the liver and then to the blood cells.

The initial symptoms of Malaria are vomiting, tiredness, fever, and headache. Young children and pregnant women are most susceptible to Malaria and are likely to become sick. There are four different kinds of Malaria parasites – Falciparum type of Malaria is more severe. Patients infected with this kind of Malaria have a higher risk of death. An infected mother can pass the disease to the baby at birth which is called Congenital Malaria. Such kind of Malaria can also be transmitted through transfusion, use of shared needles, and organ transplant.

Some of the life-threatening complications of Malaria are below

a. Organ failure of Kidneys, Liver
b. Anemia due to the destruction of RBC (Red Blood Cells)
c. Breathing problems or Pulmonary edema
d. Low Blood Sugar

For getting rid of Malaria fever, it is advisable to take medicines as prescribed by the doctor. There are a couple of medicines that treat Malaria, Atovaquone & Proguanil are the most preferred ones. These medicines are also termed as anti-medicines. It should be noted that skipping or changing the dose of the medicines may make the treatment ineffective. Doing so might cause the amount of Malaria-causing parasites to increase making the treatment infection more difficult to treat; thereby resulting in numerous side-effects. The common side-effects include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, nausea, dizziness, and loss of appetite.

Dengue fever is another type of fever that is considered as threatening as the Malaria fever. So, how is Dengue different from Malaria, what are its symptoms and do we prevent the same? Dengue fever is usually caused by the bite of the Aedes mosquito which itself has the Dengue virus. Like other types of fever, the initial symptoms of Dengue are also the same i.e. Vomiting, high temperature, Headache, Nausea, etc. In the case of Dengue, you would observe that rashes appear, disappear, and reappear at certain parts of the body. There was a vaccine called Dengvaxia which was introduced for the treatment of Dengue. The vaccine has no side-effects but if the vaccine is given to children who are infected with Dengue for the first time, there is a high possibility that the patient can get severe hemorrhagic dengue fever. This phenomenon is called as Antibody-dependent enhancement where the immune system tends to develop antibodies. In a nutshell, though the vaccine has no inherent side-effects; it does provoke several health risks which we discussed above. Now, that we have covered the signs & symptoms of dengue fever; we now look at how we can keep the dangerous disease away!

Once you have been diagnosed with dengue, you should follow a strict diet plan where you consume food that does not cause any side-effects. You should have Dragon fruit, Papaya leaves, Kiwi, Coconut water, etc. Your doctor can advise you more comprehensively about the diet plan since the doctor would also check your past medical records. In order to shoo away mosquitoes causing dengue fever, it is recommended that you stay protected by using mosquito repellents or mosquito patches or mosquito roll-on from a well-known brand like Goodknight. Goodknight has a suite of products that you can use for indoor & outdoor protection. Goodknight mosquito repellents have necessary ingredients that keep you protected from mosquitoes when you are indoors and Goodknight patches/Goodknight Roll-on when applied on clothes keep you protected from mosquitoes when you are outdoors.

Mosquitoes look very small, but mosquitoes carrying dengue virus can ruin your happiness, so it is advisable to be protected 24/7.

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