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For that Special Man in your life….

So, we are in the month of LOVE, the celebration of the most awaited day of the year “Valentine’s day”. There are many amongst us who wait eagerly for this day to confess feelings.

Last night while watching one of the Hindi movie in which,the queen asks for gifts from the king on certain occasion.

I want you all to notice that the trend of gifting is not new, its been started long ago by our ancestors to express their feelings for each other. Now that feeling can be for parents, siblings, wife, husband, friend, pets,neighbour or I say any relation that you like and love.

The best way to let the other person to know about your feelings is to bestow them with gifts. Tell me one person in this World who does not likes gifts. Mother Teresa has also beautifully quoted,

I am not extraordinary, I like receiving & giving gifts equally. The gifts range from chocolates to jewelry to romantic dinners.And whenever I want to gift, I invest lot of time in research to find that perfect suitable which should be useful and memorable both.

Gifts are always loved,but even small lifestyle changes that your partner desired for,can count in as a perfect gift for him.

I have listed down some of my all time favorite gifting ideas that can never go out of option,tried & tested one’s I can say

  • Handmade- Make anything from your own hands. Be it any simplest of your partner’s favourite food item or a simple greeting card with stuff available at home. Having that handmade touch always makes things special,even if your partner doesnot believe in celebrating Valentine’s day
  • Clean his wardrobe or atleast search & find that one thing that he has been asking from you from forever,surprise him. I bet he is going to fall in love with you all over again(this trick works even if its not valentine’s day)
  • Take interest in his favorite sport,do a little research about his favorite players. Offer to watch a game with him on this day & see the glow in his eyes
  • If you plan to go out for dinner,you take initiative & make the required bookings & reservations. Trust me,with everything online these days its like a layman’s job to do it. Men like it,when we women take initiative
  • To make him feel special(even he deserves that special treatment once in a while) offer to drive by yourself…if you can drive.This will make you feel like a boss
  • If your into gifting, gift some personalized items. Key chains makes best gift for guys(my personal opinion) instead of anything huge
  • And lastly let him be himself,atleast for a day…go to Mum’s

If you are planning to celebrate grand,then there are enormous options for gifting like Pens, Apparels,Shoes,Holidays(its empowering if we can do this) books,gadgets,Sports club memberships,Amazon prime Membership or even Netflix(not sponsored)

Gifts are meant to evoke great memories of wonderful times you’ve had with that special person.Make that experience, something fun and unique.Present with such things as gifts that normally no one ever thinks about.

Always remember that it is just not about what gift you give to your partner but what matters more is the thought and care you put in finding that perfect gift. By gifting certain products or even with small gestures,you can show how well you know someone, how much you understand someone, and how special and cared for you want that special someone to feel.

This post is a part of Blog train #Shareurlove hosted by Minakshi & Dipika where 18 lovely female bloggers from different genres are talking about some aspect of ‘LOVE’. Very much thankful for the hosts for organizing such an inspiring blog train. I am also very much thankful to Gunika who is not only an amazing blogger but also an awesome friend whose take on things in life will really make you fall in love with her.

5 thoughts on “For that Special Man in your life….”

  1. Awesome, SO I think I’ll try to clean his wardrobe, I have never done that in my 8years of marries life, I’m sure he’ll be a happy man to see me doing it. Loved all the ideas!

  2. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for! “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.” by Dr. Seuss.

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