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I choose Middle Ground Parenting

Modern parents are in real trouble for sure. We are raising our kids in a very dangerous World. What you see and hear around is child trafficking, child molesters, kidnappers, school shootings, school killings, bullies, rapes and many more gruesome crimes of which many we are not even aware. As a result we are becoming over-protective. We are not letting our kids to understand and experience things on their own which is very much required for the kids to learn & grow from their mistakes.

The picture above is funny but it is portraying the bitter reality of a parent’s life. The big question here is how to find the middle ground between freedom and protection for our kids?

While discussing our way of raising our kid, me and my husband has come to the conclusion that we are going to play strict vs. lenient parents whenever it is required,looking at the furiousness of the situation. One of us will be flexible and the other will play being rigid. Anyone of us will always stand on the opposite side of the firmness fence and hence take the control. It will help our son decide whom he should listen to at times and make decision.

We as parents, want to provide him with the power of decision making, with which he will be able to mediate between right and wrong. Instead of bonding him inside the four-walls of house we will teach him appropriate ways of identifying right people. The kind of people he can go to in case of any problem like someone in uniform(a policeman) or a woman with kids or someone who has a cellphone

Even today when I take him to the park, I don’t run behind him, I sit in one corner & supervise his play considering his age. I let him climb,slide and play in dirt, the smile I see on his face when he gets to do as he feels is priceless & I want to freeze that moment forever. Then there is sudden spurt of realization that I am a Mom & I am training my toddler to face this unpredictable World.As he grows older, this supervision will run-off.

I believe in letting him explore his surroundings. Instead of baby proofing the house, I have let him discover the danger zones. The sooner he is able to explore safety the lesser worry-some I will be. The practice starts at home, if he is able to do same things at home, he will be able to do it when away from comfort of home.

In a nut shell, our job as parents is not to just to protect our kids but also to prepare them for life. Kids need their own freedom to make decisions.We as parents, should should learn to trust our kids for making their own choices, if it is as small as making friends or choosing a particular career to pursue. As we all know this is the technology generation & these kids will always have more supply of information than us. Try and make them happy, success will choose them irresistibly.

*This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Misha from Blog for introducing me*

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