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I use water wipes and I am not Guilty

I would have been a distinction holder or may be more than that if there was any course in mastering the art of doing research on good & naturally made products for babies ,yes this is how I have excelled myself in searching for all baby related products especially for those one’s coming in contact with baby skin’s-body wash/soap,moisturizers, body lotions,face cream and most important baby wipes. Wipes is one the best invention ever done by someone to help and ease mothering process.Since my baby’s birth I have used almost all the brands baby wipes that are available in the market but there are only one or two brands that have stroked the chord,one of them is Mother Sparsh’s Water based baby wipes. The wipes claim to be made up of 98% water and it is cent percent true.

Best wipes needs to be gentle on baby’s delicate & sensitive skin but also tough enough to clean up the big mess that babies create. Most organizations manufacturing baby wipes take the help of chemicals to make the wipes tough.Alcohol in simpler forms like denatured, ethanol, and iso-propyl is the most common ingredient used in making baby wipes or even benzyl alcohol is used as to add that aroma but these chemicals can dry out sensitive skin & not so good to be used in such product that will be used as often on baby’s most tender areas. Also,if any wipes carries any synthetic fragrance it senses the presence of phthalates,which have been linked to allergic skin reactions. Paraben is one such compound that is used on a large scale in most cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms to increase the shelf life of the product & many companies manufacturing baby products openly use this ingredient as well,to adults it hardly effects but to babies it does causes skin irritation. Chlorhexidine is another ingredient that is used as an antiseptic in medical settings that has been linked to skin damage in preemie babies. Methylisothiazolinone is a common preservative has been linked to cases of contact allergic dermatitis. These are a very few chemicals that go in the baby wipes that you were unaware off. And that’s the reason why I want to tell you all why you Mothers can use Mother Sparsh’s water based baby wipes guilt free.

Early generations trusted using water & cotton balls for the best source of cleaning. We new age parents have turned towards baby wipes for convenience and Mother Sparsh’s wipes consist of the same ingredients, just cotton & water. Having 98% content water the wipes does not irritate babies skin and can be used all over the body. The wipes are made up of 100% plant based fabric and biodegradable. It means it also takes away the guilt of spoiling mother nature as the wipes get composted in the environment naturally.There are very few chances that these wipes will chock the sewers, pollute oceans and choke birds and marine life like rest polyester based wipes. Baby wipes are such things that come in contact with baby’s skin very frequently, Mother Sparsh’s wipes are also clinically proven so that you can use the wipes any number of times to clean your baby and hence another reason why it can be used guilt free.

Don’t forget to check Mother Sparsh’s website for more information about this eco-friendly wipes. Do check this video to understand in brief what is this blog post is all about.

3 thoughts on “I use water wipes and I am not Guilty”

  1. We have been using these for a long time now and it was the best decision ever.. I love the smell and the softness.. Also it causes no rashes to krisha

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