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It’s not easy being a first time Mom….

Disclaimer: This Blog post is sponsored by Mothersparsh

When I realised that there is something wrong with my body, I knew that I am in trouble for the rest of my lifetime. Yes, I was pregnant already with a life growing inside me. I didn’t do anything special because I was sick of my pregnancy, nope no morning sickness and stuff but I hated taking that extra care of myself and people around me always made sure that I didn’t forget that I am pregnant even for a fraction of second. Every visit to the Gynaecologist used to give rise to new issues. High blood pressure-salt was cut down from my food, pregnancy induced thyroid-have to pop a bulky dose of tablets first thing in the morning. Last trimester was the worst one, the urge to run to the loo just to squirt one drop of pee every five minutes had already told my sub conscious mind that even God himself cannot convince me to get pregnant for second time.

After being three days overdue my doctor decided to relieve me & Lying on that OT bed I was feeling happiest as I was going to get rid of the weight around my stomach. I didn’t realise, my life was going to change in few minutes. After good struggle, doctor’s managed to pull out a baby and when I heard that cry for the first time, my motherly hormones were at spurt. I bursted crying, my brain was unable to understand that teenager kind behaviour. There was a sudden urge to see “that baby” who grew inside me for good nine months. Under the influence of anaesthesia, I managed to ask my gynac, what? She answered very enthusiastically, a very healthy baby boy.

I was thrilled with joy. I was clueless why I didn’t feel the same during my pregnancy. When I used to read about mothers talking about connection with their unborn, I never ever felt same. But I was beaming when my tiny baby was handed over to me. That particular moment is freezed in my memories. I know any first time mother would feel same, but my case was different I was not at all excited to see my precious first born unlike other mothers.

My excitement levels up with each passing day and the pack of Mother sparsh’s water wipes makes sure that this excitement doesn’t gloom. It has been my constant companion since more than two years for now. I had to choose best for my baby, wipes are the things that come in direct contact of my baby’s delicate skin and I am proud to use such wipes which are almost similar to water. Mother Sparsh water wipes is made of 98% pure water and are crafted from the best quality plant based fabric. These wipes are safe, gentle and convenient way to cleanse your baby’s delicate skin. As a part of our commitment for a sustainable planet, Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 100% biodegradable.

I want to thank this brand from thinking from a mother’s point of view. I hope no first time mom feels the same way I was irked during my complete pregnancy. Mothering a toddler is like living each episode of “survivor” but one needs to wear same shoes of being a mother, to understand how can someone’s cry can change someone’s life forever. I don’t need God to tell me to experience all this magic once again in my life.

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