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Simple Hacks for Smooth Cloth Diapering Journey

I am a complete cloth diaper addict to such an extend that my whole family knows about it. I have also made whole neighborhood mothers aware of this concept. Cloth diapering is completely non-conventional way of diapering your baby. When I read about this concept I was clueless how to go about it, how it all worked and how its going to effect the life in any way. So if you are planning to go green,the following hacks will be helpful to ease out the whole parenthood process. I have also invested so much time and money in this journey that I want to benefit as much moms as I can through these simple doable hacks for cloth diapering.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between disposable and cloth diapers, the following are few essentials that you should be aware of. The most obvious difference is that disposable diapers are typically made of synthetic material and are made for only one use. On the other hand,cloth diapers can be reused multiple times which are very easy for our budget also for our environment.

There are a plenty of options when it comes to selecting which cloth diaper method will work best for you regardless of which style you choose, you can read about in detail over here

Lets look at some great cloth diapering hacks to save your time & effort:

  1. Though cloth diapers are easy on our pocket as we have to buy them only once, until you have a good stack of all kind of cloth diapers & generally cloth diaper are of two sizes: new born & standard. New born size fits to kids up to 3 months age & standard one’s fit from 3-4 months till baby is potty trained(depending on your usage & baby’s weight) so I would suggest you to wait till your baby turns 3 months old before you start cloth diapering,you will have to only spend on standard size thereafter
  2. Invest in some wet bags, they help in storing soiled cloth diapers especially when you are travelling, without spillage or leakage and also help in preventing the spread of odour
  3. Use cloth diaper friendly powder detergent to soak and wash the diapers,this helps in improving the life & absorbency of liners
  4. Use water softeners if there is hard-water supply in your locality. Hard water disturbs the normal soaking capacity of the cloth diapers,causing to leakage with just one pee. I use Blueoxy water softener and have liked it results. You can buy this bottle from any leading e-commerce website.66661115-laundry-soft-herbo-pest-500-laundry-water-softening-original-imaepd4zrhufwdjh
  5. Make your own reusable diaper liners. Purchase some fleece material from your local craft store & cut them into the such size that would fit perfect as a top layer of the cloth diapers & save yourself from the cleaning that gross looking diaper
  6. If you wish to wash the cloth diapers only when you do rest laundry. Just spray used or soiled diaper( a jet spray is a blessing in cloth diaper cleaning process) and put it away with the pile of laundry. These hack will save the diaper from emitting any smell until you wash it
  7. Get rid of that build up in the cloth diaper by giving five to six washes with hot water and no detergent. It will help in removing residue and restore your cloth diaper’s absorbency.
  8. Let go the dryer and hang your wet clean diapers in the sun, or in a sunny window. The sun is best natural whitener. You can spray some lemon water on them when they’re still wet to increase the whitening effects of the sun.
  9. Use all the two style diapers for on the go, as they take up less space in the diaper bag.You will only need to change the inserts when baby poops
  10. Diapers need good agitation to get clean. Sadly, agitation is not good for your elastics.Snap or velcro your diapers closed at the waist and then turn them inside out during washing to keep your elastics in good shape. This is especially important for all in one diapers that have inserts attached at one end. They get wet and heavy and really pull at the elastics when caught by an agitator on a top loader, or by other laundry in the drum of a front loader. Emptied pocket diapers and covers will also last longer with this trick. Have more tips? Share them in the comments below

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7 thoughts on “Simple Hacks for Smooth Cloth Diapering Journey”

  1. Reusable fleece liners are a boon while traveling. You’ve written an informative post that any new mom could easily clear all doubts about cloth diapering

  2. Hi Priyanka, when I used cloth diaper for my son after 2-3 pee the cloth gets wet. Any suggestion how to use it and avoid the wet of diaper.

  3. my second baby is 2months old and i use the regular diapers. i will definitely try cloth diapers one she is 3 months old. though i am skeptical about these, lot of hassle, isnt it? but gonna try for sure.

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