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Take Care of Your Unprocessed Virgin Hair in Summer

Summer is fun–warm weather, beach trips, and fun with family and friends. Yet summer can also wreak havoc on your weaves, wigs, and even your natural hair. If you want to make sure your unprocessed virgin hair, wigs and hair bundles are taken care of properly this summer, take a look at this handy guide on how to avoid summer-related hair damage.

Problem: Hot weather dries your hair out. Hot weather may feel nice after a long winter, but it’s definitely not nice on your hair. Hot weather can dry your unprocessed virgin hair out, causing it to become brittle and break, or even shed.


Solution: Apply humectant-based moisturizers regularly. You should be applying moisturizers to your unprocessed virgin hair regardless of the season, but it’s important during the summer months to switch to a humectant-based moisturizer. A humectant-based moisturizer helps retain and preserve moisture in the hair, so it lasts longer and is more effective against hot summer air.

Problem: Pool chemicals are damaging to hair. Common chemicals found in swimming pools–in particular, chlorine–are notoriously bad for your hair, whether you’re wearing Peruvian hair bundles or hair from another source. This can shorten the life of your hair, and cause problems such as breaking, brittleness, and even discoloration.

Solution: Limit exposure to chlorinated water and always apply oils afterward. You don’t have to stay out of the pool this summer, but you need to limit your hair’s exposure to chlorinated water as much as you can. You can wrap your hair in a waterproof swim wrap or simply make sure you don’t go underwater. If you have to get your Peruvian hair bundles or other virgin hair wet, make sure you treat your hair with some conditioning oils afterwards to limit the damage.

Problem: Brushing regularly causes matting and tangles. It’s never a good idea to over-brush your hair, but brushing regularly in the summer often causes matted, tangling, and other problems such as pulling or shredding. This is especially noticeable if you live in areas with either very dry or very humid summers, as either type of atmosphere can make your hair prone to tangles.

Solution: Use a hair-friendly wide toothed comb to carefully remove tangles. Instead of brushing your hair with a standard brush, use a hair-friendly wide tooth comb which is designed to be gentle on hair natural, wigs, weaves, or otherwise. You should carefully remove tangles in your hair before you put on your wig, weave, or other hair products. You should also make sure your hair vendors is free from tangles before you get it wet–this means before you get into the pool, ocean, lake, or hot tub!–as well as before you go to bed. You can also use your fingers to remove tangles, as long as you are very careful not to pull hard, as this can cause shedding and other types of damage.

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