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The Ultimate Tea Obsession…


I would like to thank Pooja Kapoor Srinivasan from <Blog> for introducing me. I would also recommend you to check out my fellow blogger, and friend Surbhi Mahobia’s <Blog> and read about her “tea-memory”

The Ultimate Tea Obsession…..

The commonest thing that is seen on any Indian roads or lanes when you are passing by is the “Tea-stall” and the typical scene is like three to four people are standing with a cup/glass of tea in their hands. We, Indians have obsession with the Tea. I am no less than any Indian and share same passion for Tea(Chai)

Whenever the word “Chai” falls on my ears, its like getting charged up by mere mentioning the word. For me “Chai” is not a refreshment, its a feeling. And feelings are such,hundreds attached to it. I am blessed to have taken birth in a “Chai” loving family and blame it on my genes may be yes I am an ardent Chai lover. As a Kid, I was always told to have milk instead of Chai, but I used to find an excuse to skip milk and relish on tea. I am so obsessed with this “Chai” thing that I make friends who like tea, yes that’s how I chose friends


Location: Junior College,Mumbai

Day: 1st day of FYJC

Scene: There are few boys and girls sitting at the entrance of of junior college. I am walking(very excitedly),because I don’t want to be late on first day of college(impression you see) and without noticing the elevated porch, over stepping on it, landed inside the gate on my face. The group sitting there burst into laughter. I gathered myself and ran away from that place and cursing the laughing group of people.

It was the time for first lunch break and I was about to leave my seat, a hand extends with a cutting chai in hand . When I look on,the hand belongs to one of the guys from the same laughing group and he apologised. What happened next was so no we did not fell in love and got married. I accepted his apology by sipping on that Cuppa Chai and since then we are BFF’s and have always bonded on cutting chai’s


Location: Post Graduate College,Mumbai

Scene: After doing the survey of campus for good 10-15 days, I discovered a small chai joint run by none other than Ramu kaka which was just next to professors room and that Ramu Kaka was selling best ever home-made chai 24*7. The moment any lecture was coming to an end,my feet used to march towards Ramu kaka’s room and other four chai lovers just like me discovered that den and again a new friendship for lifetime bloomed in that small room, yes it was over our love for Chai. Endless project discussions and presentation practises happened over a cup of tea


Location: Udupi Restaurant, Thane

Scene: Early morning I was waiting from almost 30 mins for my date(2nd date) to arrive and out of habit he arrived late. Grumpy faced, I just nodded to whatever questions he was asking. Unaware of each other’s like and unlike’s, he ordered two cup of tea’s and that gesture was enough to win over my heart


Location: Home sweet home

Scene: With Dad-

Dad: You know you are spending too much?

Me: What? How ? Who told you? Mom?

Dad: No, my balance in account says that….

Me: No, that’s not true. I have been concentrating on my studies and not shopping

Dad: You will get a fixed pocket money from now onwards, no cards for you

Me: Dad…Want tea?

Dad: Yeah, but make it sweet

(He forgot about the card for good six months after that only when Mom reminded him)

With Mom-

Mom: You are coming home very late, these days

Me: Mom,just chill

Mom: I wont, you will have to stop coming home late

Me: I cant stop but can be reduced

Mom: I don’t like back answers

Me: I making tea, you want?

Mom: Just add more milk to your tea

Tea can heal anything and everything,nothing else matters when I have a cup of tea by my side. No matter what flavor tea it is, being a tea addict, any flavor cuppa tea is my perfect companion for each and everything be it travel, late night studies, recovering from hangover, feeling bored, spending time with friends, discussion on important topics in office and best is sibling time with cup of tea and biscuits. Me and my husband travel to lengths and breadth of the city to enjoy those best Chai’s around. Hope my kid carry forwards our legacy of loving tea.

Chai is a friend, a healer and a constant companion, a synonym with so many emotions and that’s why I mentioned at the start of the post Chai is not a word for me,its a feeling.

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